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Fruition is hiring a 

Seedhouse Operations Manager

full time, year round

Salary Range: ($28,000-$40,000 per year)

reports to Matthew Goldfarb, Fruition's co-founder & GM

Position Summary

Fruition Seeds cultivates resiliency, focusing on the development and distribution of regionally significant genetics as well as sharing extraordinary resources and inspiration. Our Seedhouse Operations Manager (SOM) leads our seedhouse team in fulfilling daily orders, managing inventory, and efficiently coordinating all office activities. They also assist in website management, content support, and managing Fruition's retail program.

Core Values at Fruition Seeds

  • We create a safe, communicative, growth-oriented, and collaborative work environment
  • We see and support our staff as partners, not only as employees
  • Our farm continually advances regenerative, ecological farming practices
  • Our seeds are of the highest quality, certified organic, focused on trait selection as well as population diversity for a changing climate
  • Our farm work is focused on breeding as well as seed production where we have the greatest impact on variety improvement
  • We work with like-minded partners that are advancing regenerative, organic and family based agriculture
  • We inspire gardeners to experience and share the joy, bounty, and community in growing vegetables, flowers and herbs

Expectations of the Position:

Distribution (20%)

  • Manage all aspects of seed packing, including inventory management, packing, restocking, crew training and scheduling.
  • Manage all aspects of order fulfillment including crew training and scheduling for both web and retail orders
  • Ensure all shipping materials are in stock

Inventory Management (20%)

  • Ensure seed inventory is tracked and seeds/materials/documents are up to date, with appropriate measures taken when low on stock or out of stock.
  • Coordinate with GM  on seed purchasing, contracts and scale of crop planning to ensure sufficient inventory

Staff Development (20%)

  • Manage all seasonal and year-round staff associated with any seedhouse responsibilities. With GM, support staff in establishing development plans, monthly review, annual performance evaluations
  • Run weekly staff meeting

Office Support (20%)

  • Event Support: Application, payment, insurance, other forms as required
  • Support quarterly tax filing
  • Contact list management
  • Administer all NOFA and other certification documents
  • Manage office inventory (computers, shipping material, etc)
  • Assist with book keeping and filing
  • Maintain all computers, phones, printers, etc.
  • File incoming mail
  • Return voicemail

Business Development (20%)

  • Manage website (inventory management, seasonal and promotional updates, resource updates) for Fruition Seeds with a goal of increasing annual sales
  • Support video and resource content creation and uploads
  • Manage and expand retail program (managing accounts: order fulfillment, invoicing, receiving)

As the Seedhouse Operations Manager

your day may include:


Coordinating daily fulfillment schedule, leading team meeting to review QC/system design

Troubleshooting fulfillment challenges and refining flow

Coordinating weekly packing plan

Reviewing inventory and ordering supplies as needed

File incoming mail and communications

Ensure all accounts payable and receivable are up to dateUpload content on website

Fielding questions from retail sales partners

Other projects, tasks and efforts, indoors and outdoors, with the team

To thrive in this position you…

- Continually seek out professional growth.
- Love to collaborate. You trust your team; your team trusts you.
- Have high expectations for yourself and your team.
- Communicate in direct and open ways.
- Find joy in gathering, analyzing and sharing information and insight with your team.
- Have experience in scheduling and inventory management.
- Have a proven record of evaluating and improving work flow and quality of service.
- Cultivate your ability to remain focused and positive, especially in challenging circumstances.

To Apply:

Send your resume and cover letter to, with the job title in subject line.


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