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Grow Great Greens at Home This Winter

See how we grow micro & other baby greens behind-the-scenes in our kitchen at home.

Enjoy the webinar here and don't be shy!

with Petra Page-Mann | co-founder of Fruition Seeds

Let's Talk Seeds

Learn which varieties are best for microgreens, baby greens, sprouts! We'll share our favorites :)

Strategies & Tools to Keep it Easy

I'll share the pros & cons of different strategies plus the best tools to make all the difference. Hint: You don't need many!

Microgreens Step-By-Step

I'll share a hands-on demo with step-by-step instructions to grow your own microgreens!


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Grow Your Own Microgreens!

Even if you can't join us live I'll share the instant replay when you register, so don't be shy :)